DICCS Detroit International Classic Car Show

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Detroit International Classic Car Show (DICCS)

When: August 14-16, 2012

Where: COBO Center, 1 Washington Blvd, Detroit, MI, 48226

The Detroit International Classic Car Show (DICCS) is a show for exhibition, trading and exporting! A Show for aftermarket products – spare parts, conversion kits and personalized items!


  • Aftermarket, specialty equipment and other auto parts manufacturers and buyers are headed to Detroit for this event. Showcase your classic cars, innovative products and specialty equipment parts at DICCS.
  • The largest international classic car show in Detroit in 2012
  • A tailor-made show for classic car owners for exhibition, trading and exporting
  • Promoting Detroit’s classic car industry–potentially creating $200M in business opportunities for Detroit
  • A trade show that will showcase classic cars, automotive special products and AM products.

Why Should you exhibit at DICCS?

DICCS is where you can reach the decision makers in your target market all in one place–Automotive parts wholesale distributors, retailers, service chains, dealers, and service professionals. For classic cars, DICCS is a show for exhibition, trading and exporting.

Exposure:      Showcase your latest products and services to professionals and visitors.
Credibility:   Position your company at the heart of global automotive market.
Networking:  Benefit from unique networking opportunities with your target audience

The DICCS is coincident with two other trade shows – the Detroit AM Parts Show (DAPS) and Detroit Specialty Equipment Show (DSES) at the same venue – COBO Center, Detroit at the same time, August 14-16, 2012.

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